Overview of OWOF Activities


Period   Beneficiary   Beneficiary Case Details   OWOF Role
Mar-2012   Mr. Abhishek Das Gupta   Abhishek's diagnosis revealed that both kidneys were not functioning and he had to undergo kidney transplant involving huge cost. Abhishek approached OWOF for support.
  OWOF supported Abhishek with partial financial assistance to meet his surgery expenses. Abhishek is totally fine now.
May-2011   Mrs. Rajamma   Mrs. Rajamma required medical support for the dialysis twice every week at Sharada Dhanvantari Haemodialysis Centre.   OWOF contributed towards Mrs. Rajamma's treatment
May-2011   Mrs. Veena   Mrs. Veena suffering from kidney dieses and required medical support for her dialysis   Supported Mrs. Veena to meet expenses towards her  medical treatment
Feb-2011   Margadarshi   OWOF was approached by Margadarshi (an association for physically challenged people) with a request to sponsor calipers.
  Sponsored calipers (details, as under)
1. Nagaraj Awasthi (Caliper)
2. H.Y.Rajashekar (Artificial limb)
3. Master K.M.Nikhil (Special chair)
4. Master Lokesh (Gaiter + AFO)
5.Master Ankith (Gaiters + AFO)
6.Ms.Nagarathna (Calipers)
April and June 2010   Ms. Mujeeba Bhanu and Ms. Shobha.V dialysis   Ms. Mujeeba Bhanu and Ms. Shobha.V are undergoing dialysis twice every week at Sharada Dhanvantari Haemodialysis Centre. Both of them approached OWOF for support since they could not meet the dialysis cost due to their poor financial condition.
  OWOF has supported by paying part of the treatment cost after verifying genuineness of the request
Jun-2009   Ms. Sujatha   Ms. Sujatha, 15yrs, was a case of Osteosarcoma P/3 Right tibia which needed to be operated (CMP Prosthesis. She was admitted to M.N. Orthopaedic Hospital, Chennai.
  Volunteers went through genuineness of the case and sponsored a portion of the operation cost, which reduced the burden on Sujatha's parents. Operation was successful and she is recovering.
Feb-2009   Pavagada Medical Camp   This medical camp was conducted by Margadarshi, an association for physically challenged people. Through this camp, Margadarshi identified various needs of physically challenged people in and around Pavagada (Tumkur district) rural area. The needs are callipers, surgeries, walkers, crutches and wheelchairs.
  Volunteers visited the camp site on 21st February 2009 and spent the whole day in the camp and provided their services during the camp. We also sponsored two wheelchairs and three callipers.
From January 2009
(on going support)
  Shivanahalli Medical Camp    Shivanahalli is a place, which is about 25kms from Bangalore (towards Bannerghatta). The village has around 17 hamlets, for which medical support is being provided by Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Shivanahalli branch.
Every Sunday, Ramakrishna Mutt organises free medical camps for the villagers, with respect to skin, heart, eye and diabetes. Specialised doctors are part of this camp from 0730hrs to 1600hrs. 
  OWOF volunteers visited the medical camp and were impressed with the commitment of Ramakrishna Mutt volunteers and doctors’ services. We were given complete insight about the medical camp. We were also provided with information about the requirement of medicines, which are used during the camps. Usually, medicines are collected by Ramakrishna Mutt volunteers from various hospitals located in and around Bangalore. We have agreed to sponsor some of the critical medicines on a monthly basis and deliver the same every month to the medical camp


Period   Beneficiary   Course Sponsored
2011 & 2012   Shridevi Gurusidappa (APS Commerce Collage)   2nd Year and 3rd Year B'com
2011 & 2012   Sheela M (Vijaya Evening Collage)   2nd & 3rd Year B'com
2012   Bindiya (BNM Collage)   2nd Year B'com
2012   Nandeesh (Sambhavi    10th Standard
2012   Rajiv   2nd Standard
2012   N.P. Tejashree   3rd Standard
2012   K. Shashank   7th Standard
2012   Chethan Kumar M.B.   10th Standard
2012   Likith   3rd Standard
2010, 2011 & 2012   Kiran Kumar   1st & 2nd Year B'com
2010   Kiran Kumar    2nd and 3rd year B.Com 
2010   Ramya.K    2nd and 3rd year B.Com 
2009   Vidya Shankar & Ramya Shankar   College fee
2009   Manjula   1st year B.Com
2009   Harsha    2nd and 3rd year B.Com 
2009   Sunitha    1st year B.Com 
2009   Sangeetha    1st year Pre-University 
2011 & 2012   Devaraj    
2011   Revannasidappa    2nd and 3rd year B.Com 
2012   Navyashree    Class III 
    Various students   Academic Books